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The Beginners Course is the very first course. It will teach you the basics of cake decorating. It consists of 10 lessons, 1 lesson of 2 hrs each week. You will learn all the basics of cake decorating from stars and shells to flower making (Roses, Apple Blossoms, Sweet peas, Wisteria, Narcissus etc.), feathering, basket weaving, lace and filigree work. We will also decorate a child’s novelty cut-up cake using foam frosting. I will teach you how to use the techniques in a creative way to decorate, from cupcakes to a special occasion cake. To complete the course you will learn to design and decorate a special occasion cake using techniques learnt. (This can even be a wedding cake.) R5000 for 10 lessons - 2hrs, once a week

Lesson Summary


  • Make piping bags from greaseproof paper

  • Make butter icing, Royal icing, foam frosting

  • Learn about colours and colour mixing

  • Layer, level and crumb coat cake 

  • Make beautiful selection of flowers using piping tubes (Russian tubes included)

  • Decorate sponge and chocolate cakes with different techniques such as 

  • naked cake, 

  • drip cake, 

  • feathering, 

  • flowers  etc

  • Decorate a selection of cupcakes

  • Biscuits decorated with floodwork and piping

  • Lace and filigree work

  • Moulded figure

  • Coat a cake with marzipan and sugar paste and decorate as a special occasion cake using flowers etc learnt in course (can be wedding cake)



Wednesday 26 April 2023

9:00 - 11:00


Saturday 22 April 2023

9:00 - 11:00

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